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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – February 26

As we’re nearly into March, the weather swings both ways. Still winter, a hint of spring, back to winter, a touch of spring, then definitely, solidly winter. Yesterday it rained, poured really, on Cape Cod and last night it snowed. This morning the landscape was really pretty magical as the rising sun turned the dusting of snow and crusts of ice golden.

There should be a term for this neither winter nor spring season…Wing, perhaps, a combination of the two words that seems especially appropriate because we’re longing to soar toward warmer weather. Some might argue that there is already a term for this period: March.

I’m an expert in Wing seasons, calendar and otherwise. Think of all of those times you’re either poised on the edge of something good or hoping for that position. We all have periods when jobs, projects, or relationships are not quite growing, but not frozen out.

There are stretches in everyone’s lives when we’re longing for renewal but life takes us back and forth, back and forth.

My rain garden filled in yesterday's downpour and was covered with a crust of ice this morning.


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