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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 3

I came home in the early afternoon in order to write. As usual I sat in my bedroom near the windows, and was typing away on the laptop when I saw a flutter out of the corner of my eye. A bluebird had perched on the railing that runs around our second floor deck.

Turning carefully so that I wouldn’t startle this bird, I looked at him. Yes, it was a male bluebird and instead of being frightened, he hopped toward me along the rail. He turned his head to one side and another as I watched, and finally flew off to join the other birds in the neighboring trees.

As I watched the kaleidoscope of movement out my window, I suddenly got the message. Perhaps the bluebird saying, “Well, she’s definitely home. So why is the feeder empty?” I went downstairs and took another scoop of shelled sunflower seeds outside.

Whether this bluebird was actually summoning me to replenish their afternoon food supply or not, there is no doubt that I take great pleasure from these winged creatures. I love the coming and going and the personality and color that they bring in all seasons.

Birds are a gift, and today I’m reminded to say, “Thank you.”

The birds seem to love the hulled sunflower seeds - including this woodpecker caught on camera by our BirdCam.


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