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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 15

At the risk of beating the longing for spring to death, I want to confess that my impulse today was to scream at my landscape: “Wake UP!”  I know my desire for the growing season to get on with it already is pointless…the seasons will do what they will do. Still, I’m wondering if my eagerness might be turned toward greater gains.

Most of the ground is too frozen to pull weeds, although they are certainly there. Might I take this time to look for the metaphorical “weeds” that could be disposed of? Are there habits I’ve clung to, or excuses I’m fond of that clutter my personal landscape and impede further growth?

At this time of year gardeners are apt to look forward and prepare for the season’s planting. This is all well and good, but I’m thinking that after ordering the seeds and cutting down dead grasses I might look beyond my seed flats, flowerbeds and vegetable plots.

Soon we gardeners will be over busy with planting and tending. Might we take a final breath on the cusp of the growing season and look inward?  In what areas, I ask myself, would it be good to Wake UP.

After springing forward the evenings are light until well after 6 PM. Nice. I come home and look out over the lakeside perennial bed and say, "Wake up!" Then I decide that I might give myself the same command.

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