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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 18
I spoke to a delightful group today at the Harwich Community Center. As I walked into the main entrance my attention was grabbed by several lines of boxwood. They drew my interest because most of them were an unattractive orange brown. “This,” I thought to myself, “is why I don’t usually recommend boxwood for Cape gardens.”

Notice how the shrubs on either side of the door are still an attractive green. They’re similar to the unfortunate boxwoods, but have managed to weather winds and cold temps and remain green. They aren’t boxwoods, but Japanese hollies. In this location at any rate, the Ilex crenata are the better plant.

As gardeners we’ve all put the wrong plant in the wrong place at one time or another. My spring to-do list includes moving many such plants that weren’t sited well. And I’ve only been on Poison Ivy Acres for just over three years.

What’s important is not that we always choose correctly…in our gardens and our lives we’re going to make mistakes. What’s significant is that we’re willing to move those things that aren’t placed well. Saying, “Oops, I guess I didn’t plant this in the right spot,” is a wise statement. Ignoring such inappropriate, out-of-place plantings is the mistake.

Whether it's the cold, sunburn or wind damage, it's clear that these boxwood are the wrong plants for this location.

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