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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 29

There’s always a plant, skill, person, or resource to discover. We have the opportunity all year, each season and every day to learn something new. Do we approach this wealth by being overwhelmed with the vastness of what we do not yet know? Or do we choose to be delighted and stimulated by the treasures that are there for us to find?

Moving one step beyond the personal, do we support others in their journeys to unearth their plants, skills, people and resources? Or do we express annoyance at what they don’t yet know?

In and out of the garden, there’s always something new to find and there are always people who seem to be ahead and behind on the path. What if we stepped back and looked at that path as a circle?

Some of the plants I've discovered recently is the Helleborus Gold Collection.

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