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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 5

Everything is connected to everything else, and at no time is this easier to feel than in spring. All over the northern hemisphere, people are leaning into the growing season whether they are gardeners or not. And the plant people? Forget about it. We’re pouring into the garden centers even if it’s far too early to plant in the area where we live.

We’re connected by a love of great plants and interesting ways to garden. I got a message from Laura, who blogs at the Hudson Valley Garden Journal, saying she posted two links to this site last week. Reading what she’s writing about what’s going on in the Hudson Valley recalls the years I lived and gardened in Columbia County, and I delight in our connections.

Today I drove past Iverson Park in Stevens Point, WI and remembered a recent comment that was posted in response to my 50 Degree Day piece. Skeeter commented that he remembers this local celebration so well that he’s continued it with his grandchildren. He did a search on 50 Degree Day and up came a connection that reaches from his grandchildren to me.

Later in the afternoon I read a piece about the breeding of blue geraniums written by Chris Beytes, Editor & Publisher
 of GrowerTalks and Green Profit. To anyone in the horticultural biz it’s a must-read…just keep in mind that it was written for a special April 1 edition of the newsletter.

Seemingly random moments through the day: the coming of spring, a note from someone in a region where I too once gardened, a visit to the town where I once lived and a clever, funny April fool article.

Here we are in early April, leaning toward growth no matter where we live. Everything is connected to everything else and sometimes it’s good to lift a glass and celebrate those links. Here’s to spring, gardening, hometowns and a good laugh.

The crocus in the herb garden are a connection to the gardening I did two years ago, tucking a bulb in here and there.


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