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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 6

I don’t know if it’s the spice of life or not, but I do know that it’s an essential element in a beautiful garden. Variety is important in a functional landscape as well. Wildlife depends on it and those who seek a low-maintenance garden are well advised to seek diversity. If one plant doesn’t do well or is attacked by insects or diseases, the landscape that contains an assortment of species will continue to be beautiful.

At this time of year when people head to the garden centers and are most susceptible to being seduced by flowers, we’re all well served to remember to include a range of plants in our gardens. Native and non-native, deciduous and evergreen, purple, yellow, bronze and all shades of green leaves: in so many ways our gardens call us to celebrate the richness of life.

It's hard to imagine how it was ever possible to plant a garden without a Physocarpus. Whether you're using Coppertina, as pictured here, or Summer Wine, Center Glow or even the large Diablo...they are an essential element in my gardens now.

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