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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 17

There are always plants that need support, in the garden or in containers, and I love coming up with attractive (or invisible) ways to hold them up. One of the things I am thinking about at this time of year is what I might want to use for cane toppers.

A cane topper is something that you place on top of a group of three or more bamboo sticks that you’re using for plants such as annual vines, tomatoes or dahlias. They make a very utilitarian staking scheme interesting and fun.

Anything that is tapered up might make an attractive cane topper, and often putting two or three things together works the best. One year I spotted some inexpensive, small gilt vases at the craft store. I turned them upside down, glued a wooden ball on the top and voila! A cane topper is born.

Here is how the vase looked on the shelf in the craft store.

And here is how they look with a ball glued on top, repurposed as Cane Toppers.

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