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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 18

I think you’ll be interested in these. Will they get you high? Absolutely. But you don’t swallow, smoke or snort them up your nose…that doesn’t do it. For the ultimate trip, you put these into soil. Yes, place them directly into the dirt. Doing anything else with these beauties won’t result in the same summer-long rush.

A high that lasts all summer? Ah…now I have your attention. For many varieties, the fun starts a week or two after placing them into wet soil. First there’s the lift you get when you see what emerges and how it develops. Later you’ll be absolutely buzzed as you watch colors and shapes form before your eyes, often in surprising ways.

There are many dealers who handle these. This spring alone I’ve gotten them from Renee, Swallowtail, and Plant World, to name just three suppliers. Once you’re into this stuff you’ll find others who are of like mind, and they’re often willing to share their stash for free!

Interested? Check them out. They’re called seeds.

The vial of Nicotiana 'Whisper Mix' from Swallowtail Garden looked a bit like an illicit drug...these seeds were coated to make it easier to plant one per cell.

I spent today starting perennial and annual seeds. There is nothing as life-affirming as checking each day to see what has sprouted, and then having the satisfaction of watching a mature plant develop from that tiny seed that was planted in the spring.

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