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Report From An Opinionated Gardener

The gardens are just waking up. Last week’s rains and some temperatures in the high 50’s have worked their magic. Trees have tiny leaves or swelling buds, and we can almost see the perennials grow. Walking around Poison Ivy Acres with my camera, I appreciate this new growth, certainly, but I’m especially awed by the places where colors and textures have graced the garden all winter.

The sedum and thyme are particularly noteworthy. They cover the dry slope around the path to the vegetable garden, colorful and uncomplaining. Sedum ‘Angelina’ turns coral in the cold weather and is particularly striking although every random piece forms roots…some pulling and editing will be needed so that this variety doesn’t take over.

I’d reserved this Friday to be in my gardens but most of the day was spent dealing with my mother-in-law’s dementia. From one minute to the next I cycled through love, frustration, competence, compassion, exhaustion, satisfaction and annoyance.

Our gardens and life can resemble a tapestry: they are complex, complicated and contain great richness of design.

Sedum, thyme and a few random daffodils are colorful even after the long winter.


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