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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – April 24

I confess that from the beginning of February to mid-April I’m orderning plants online. Some of these fall into the “I’ve always wanted one of these,” category and others are impulse purchases. In March I may read an article about a particular plant and think, “This sounds great!”  I Google the plant’s name, find a grower who sells it, and place my order. Done deal.

Since I’ve declared the third week in April as the ideal time for such requests to arrive, at this time of year the UPS guy is my new best friend. He delivers boxes of plants that I’ve forgotten that I placed orders for. (Sad but true.) Not to worry…my favorite garden activity is planting.

Putting plants in the ground involves creativity: you have to imagine how the particular selection will add to existing foliage and flowers. You have to mix the plants into the garden as surely as an artist mixes paint or other media.

Planting is an act of faith. When we dig that hole and put our selection in the ground we’re not only placing roots into the soil, but expressing our belief that this plant is destined to absolutely, positively grace our gardens. We know in our hearts that it will grow.

Whether that plant lives or dies is only partly in our control of course, which is why the act of planting is so dear. “I’m willing to do my part,” we are saying, “and mix my efforts, hope and connections with Nature so that this plant may grow.”

Planting is one of the most positive, life-affirming aspects of gardening.

These are just a few of the plants I put into the ground in the past three days. Such satisfaction.

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