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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 6

Put this on your calendar for September of 2011: Plant a patch of tulips. Yes, I know what many of you are thinking. “Tulips only bloom well for one year and then they peter out so that by the fourth season you’re left with only some stray leaves.” True. But frankly, so what?

We are willing to put other plants that are only good for one season into the garden. Bulbs aren’t any different, after all. Buy a couple dozen and spend a crisp, fall afternoon enjoying the out of doors and putting those tulips in the ground. Do it as an act of faith, knowing that spring will come again. Those tulips, even if they are one-year-wonders, will lift your heart in April or May just when you need a boost the most.

You’re a human being on this planet so it’s pretty much guaranteed that there will be a day next spring when you’ll really, totally, need color and rejuvenation. I had such a day today and it was a blessing that I could quickly go to my garden and cut enough tulips for two bouquets…one for me, and another to share. Everything else in my life remained the same, but I felt better because I had bouquets of tulips.

So do yourself a favor and write this somewhere on your calendar for the fall: plant tulips now…I’ll need them next spring.

How can this not lift your spirits?

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