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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 9

Going through photos from a previous summer, I chanced on one that showed a ‘Black Pearl’ ornamental pepper growing above a white scaevola. What a brilliant combo! Totally accidental, of course.

Whenever I plant ‘Black Pearl’ in my gardens it becomes one of the most commented on plants. Seeing it spreading above the white Scaevola, which makes the round, black peppers shine even more, makes me think about juxtaposition.  Contrast enhances all ingredients, doesn’t it?

This is why we appreciate dark, purple leaves against yellow foliage. This is why a garden planted with assorted textures of plants looks good whether they bloom or not. This is why we savor and treasure spring’s arrival after the cold of winter.

Contrast, be it in our landscapes or our lives, helps us to appreciate things as they are or as they evolve.

I think I'll plant this combo again this year, only using many more scaevola.


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