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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – May 31

People come into the garden center at this time of year, see shrubs, trees or perennials that are in bloom and ask, “How long does this flower?” When I candidly answer, “About two weeks,” they say, “Oh…” and turn away.

In many cases, if I were really being truthful I would say, “This plant is absolutely magical for two entire weeks. Yes, two weeks of exquisite, break-your-heart beauty. How fantastic is that?” And no, I would not be exaggerating.

Spring and early summer flowers tend to be fleeting. From a plant’s point of view, this makes sense. The growing season has just begun, after all. That plant has food to manufacture and to store, not to mention seeds to produce…there is work to be done!

From the gardener’s perspective, the brief show of spring and early summer flowering plants is a joyous prelude to the abundance that awaits us. All flowering plants are a jubilant chorus of color that echoes our mood and spurs us to put greater effort into the creation of this celebration of the senses.

“It only blooms for two weeks?” That’s like saying, “An orgasm only lasts for five seconds?”

Beauty may be brief but when it touches your heart, and all other senses, so what?

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