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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – June 2

In several past posts I’ve written about my love/hate relationship with iris. Yes, when they’re in bloom they are stunning. But they flower for about fifteen minutes, truth be told, and the clumps need dividing every four or five years. I’ve only included iris in my gardens because my husband likes them.

Yet as the clump of tall, Siberian iris come into flower in the entry garden I’m struck by how perfect they are next to Persicaria polymorpha. Both these perennials come into flower at exactly the same time. Both selections are tall in my garden, and are singular, lovely plants. The iris fades before the Persicaria, but as a duet they are in perfect harmony.

Plants or people, who among us is not made better by the ideal companions? We are all completed when well accompanied. Weather surrounded by friends, family or community members, this life is made more beautiful when we stand shoulder to shoulder with friends who provide balance. The right companions make us better than who we are on our own.

These two perennials, the Persicaria and the Iris, grow to a similar height when flowering, and are stylish, reliable plants. All they are missing is a third perennial that would be the final musketeer to complete this garden.

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