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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 7

Some of my landscaper pals tell me that the morning host at my radio station was complaining about my garden photos on the wall at the studio. Now I will admit that it’s been too long since I refreshed this wall, but frankly, how long have I had to stare at his bagged tarantula and anti-Obama propaganda? Nevertheless, the gauntlet has been thrown, all in good fun of course, and I need to respond.

So I need your help. I’m asking my blog followers and fellow garden writers to send me, asap, a funny garden shot. High resolution so I can print them out. Got gnomes? Old naked guys with strategically placed shovels? Dead plants and weeds? Send me your tired, your poor, your tacky ornaments yearning to breath free.

clfornari at

I’ll keep you posted about what comes in…

Here's one that I'll print out for the wall - spooky!


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