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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 31

We dug our first potato crop for 2011 this afternoon. Because the red potatoes always mature most quickly, we pulled the first plant in the row and were rewarded by finding many tubers, small and large.

I sliced the largest thinly using a Mandoline slicer, and layered them in a cast iron pan with finely chopped chives, butter, parmesan cheese and olive oil. Once the pan was heated on the stove, and the potatoes etc were layered inside, I put a lid on the entire mix, pressed down and put the pan in a hot oven.

Serve slices of this fresh potato cake with garden tomatoes and frankly, you don’t need much else. Some barbequed chicken might be nice, but given some freshly ground pepper the meal is pretty much complete with the potatoes and tomatoes.

Today all I’m saying is  that sometimes the simplest things are the best things. Do you agree?

Slice them thinly, layer with chives, butter pieces, parmesan cheese and top with a spritz of olive oil. Serve with slices of fresh garden tomatoes. Heaven.

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