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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – August 7

Years ago I was at a meeting during a time of significant drought, and people were complaining about how dry it was. Someone spoke up, saying, “If you were the Goddess of Rain and everyone complained every time you showed up, how often would you come around?”

Now I don’t know if our grievances or desires have an effect on the weather or not, but that statement reminded me of how frequently people do complain about rainfall. If a rainy day is forecast for the weekend, television news anchors treat it as if it’s a national tragedy.

If it’s cloudy and drizzling for more than three days in a row, I find most people think that they don’t have to water their plants for weeks to come. Suggest that their gardens might be dry and the response is, “After all that rain?”

I have the opposite problem. I love rain, but hate long, sunny, dry periods. I’m just as grouchy about long stretches of sun as most people are about drizzle. But as I look out on the much needed rain today, and think, “Thank you, Goddess of Rain,” I remind myself that we all need to practice focusing on gratitude for what is, rain or shine.

My hardy banana seems to be saying, "Thanks, Rain!"


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