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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – August 18

We harvested potatoes tonight, and like every year, the Carola is the variety that is most impressive. This yellow flesh potato produces a large crop, and has excellent flavor. Carolas are best baked or fried, although I’ve boiled for potato salad and provided you don’t overcook them, this method also works well.

We buy Carola seed potatoes from Wood Prairie Farm every season. Normally we also get one bag each of Red Cloud, and Good King Harry. These three varieties produce as many potatoes as we can eat over a winter.

Potatoes grow best in well drained, sandy soils and we have these conditions in the community garden where we grow our spuds. Harvesting the potatoes is like unearthing buried treasure, so it seemed appropriate to dig one that was in the shape of a perfect heart.

We love Carola potatoes!

Digging this crop always makes us smile.

Carola are huge producers in addition to being tasty.

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