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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – September 7

I am very grateful for the help of friends. Jesse and Maya are getting married here on Saturday, and the gardens will be glorious thanks to many people who are pitching in. Nan polished the silver plated Revere bowls that will hold the arrangements, Pamela Phipps is my deadheading and weeding queen, and Old Sod Landscaping mowed the field near the lake so that the tent can get installed tomorrow. Just to name a few…

Over the past four months I’ve been planting for this occasion, and as is typical of gardening, not all has gone as planned. The Persicaria polymorpha was cut down in July and was just coming into its second bloom when hurricane Irene hit and flattened it to the ground. I tied it up the best I could, but it’s a shadow of its possible self.

Irene also knocked down the Agastache, and the cleome has stopped blooming because of the chilly nights we’ve had since mid-August. I wish I could have known that it would be an unseasonably cool end of summer…where are the Weather Psychics when we need them?

In response I’m planting mums, kale and assorted other fall annuals and as always, accentuating the positive. Frankly, despite all challenges the gardens are glorious.

For all of these efforts we’re getting two for one. Not only will the landscape be beautiful for the wedding, but it will also be open for a fundraiser for my church. Will you come on Saturday the 17th of September and see how beautiful things are?

Just as it takes a village to refine a garden in preparation for a wedding, it takes a group of people to support the institutions and traditions that are important to us. My church community is gathering to make this garden tour possible, and my friends and I are perfecting the gardens so that you’ll have an exceedingly pleasing experience here.

I hope that you’ll come celebrate with me on the 17th…call the church for details: 508-362-6381

My husband built the chuppah frame using some limbs that fell during hurricane Irene. God provides. I'll add flowers on the front before the ceremony on Saturday - photos to follow!

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