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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – September 9

It is the night before Jesse and Maya’s wedding. Jess is the son of our dear friends, Phil and Nan, and four years ago when we bought to Poison Ivy Acres this couple helped us move in. When Jesse got out of the moving van, he looked around and asked, “Can we get married here?” The answer, of course, was yes.

Since that time we’ve made many additions and changes to this landscape and we’re pleased to have it as a background for the wedding. The gardens aren’t perfect, of course, and if time and money were never ending I could add more and adjust forever… there is always a time in gardening and  life when it’s time to say, “It is how it is and so it’s already perfect.”

I spent the day doing flowers, and will have better pictures tomorrow when they are in place and the light is better. In the meantime, here are some photos of today’s events.

I started the morning by picking zinnias and dahlias from the cutting garden, and hydrangeas from wherever the best blooms were growing.

The tent went up yesterday, in the rain. I've been determined that the weather on Saturday will be perfect.

There are 16 table arrangements done in silver Revere bowls...a few here, on a blue tarp in the guest room.

The fridge has the bride's bouquet and assorted other floral pieces.

Coming out of the flower room for air, I caught this funny scene of the wedding party messing around..."This looks like a cult meeting!" I said.

The rehearsal went well. Tomorrow I need to put the flowers on the chuppah....and attend to a few other details. Photos to follow.

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