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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 13

I’ve taken several calls on GardenLine recently asking about the “wild morning glory” that is taking over landscapes. Usually these callers talk about initially being charmed by this white-not-blue variety of a favorite garden annual. Soon they are cursing this plant as it covers and strangles entire yards and gardens.

Ignore bindweed (Convolvus arvensis) at your peril. Once this plant gets established in large areas it is very difficult to eradicate. Every time you pull up the roots new plants spring from those broken pieces you leave behind. Using herbicides are usually out of the question since this vine rambles in and out of desirable plants that will be done in by weed killers.

The best control of bindweed is a gardener’s shadow: being there, and noticing when it appears, makes all the difference. If you assiduously clip it off at ground level once a week it prevents the plant from storing energy through photosynthesis.

Don’t get bound up by thinking that there is an easy solution. There are many situations in life that require ongoing attention despite our desire for a quick fix.

The leaves are bright green and flowers pinkish-white. If this plant could be tamed, it might be a coveted vine.

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