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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – September 26

It was a summer day, no matter what the calendar said. Very warm, humid, with bright sunshine that illuminated the annuals that haven’t really thrived until now. That Mandevilla vine that should have reached the top of the arbor in August is just now showing it’s full potential. In late September. Ah, well.

Things don’t seem to proceed as the pace we expect. In our government, the economy, and the garden. This is difficult for all of us in that we long for, have worked for, and are expecting something better.

Just because we haven’t seen things progress at the pace we’ve desired, however, does this mean we stop planting? Does this mean that we turn away from our landscapes and refuse to cultivate what we know can be beautiful? I don’t think so.

Our gardens, all of our landscapes, need our care. They need us to pay attention, move toward the future and to accept the unexpected, knowing that we’re ultimately going to grow something productive and lovely.

Yes, I'm talking about my Mandevilla and other annuals that haven't exactly jumped out of the box since June. Yes, I'm also talking about how dissatisfied we liberals have all felt with the slow pace of the Democrats and with Republican obstructionism. And yes, I'm talking to my many readers who prefer it when I focus on strict gardening issues and leave politics aside. This is Whole Life Gardening, after all, and you can Expect The Unexpected.

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