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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 4

The crows are digging in the upper lawn, although “digging” is too mild a description…tearing up turf is more like it. Bird Rototilling, as they engage in that autumnal crow party game, bobbing for grubs. At this time of year the grubs are large and close to the surface, and I imagine that the crows are looking to eat as much as possible before winter hits.

What am I doing about it? Nothing except cheering them on. I don’t need the grubs, after all, and lawn grows quickly. In another week I’ll scatter some seed in the area and a light top-dressing of compost. Soon you’ll never be able to see that the crows have been excavating.

I love the American crow. They are the teenagers of the bird world: they prefer to be in groups, they’re loud but very smart, and for all their brashness, they’re really kind of shy.

Yes, crows wake me up many summer mornings. I prefer to hear their cawing as exuberant celebrations of the season. Yes, crows eat my figs and tomatoes and this forces me to put up netting. Life itself constantly calls us to action, and these black birds are about as full of vivacity as you can get.

Right now the Corvus brachyrhynchos, are my good, feathered friends, in charge of lawn aeration and organic grub control.

Part of the tribe...

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