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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 6

If it were up to me, every garden center would sell Adventure Glasses. Hell, why quibble? They’d be passed out for free, and not just in the nursery but at every college graduation, wedding and job interview. Street corners even.

Adventure Glasses allow the wearer to view the world without any desire for guarantees. An adventure, after all, is by definition “an unusual and exciting experience or activity.” To be on an adventure is to engage in hazardous exploration of an unknown territory.

Gardening is an adventure, as is work, friendship, and family life. No promises are made but there are interests and thrills galore. Growing anything is a journey of discovery and we never know what will happen.

Reminder to self: put on Adventure Glasses every day, and joyfully travel down unfamiliar paths.

Do Adventure Glasses come with purple frames? Or am I just being picky...

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