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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 16th

Part of my day was spent dumping out annual containers and preparing assorted houseplants to come back indoors. We haven’t yet had a frost in South East Massachusetts, but it’s only a matter of a couple of weeks away. I washed out saucers, refreshed the soil for amaryllis bulbs, and repotted houseplants.

Yes, it’s somewhat difficult to dump thriving, blooming plants into the brush pile. I try to balance my feelings of gratitude for their summer growth and contributions with the satisfaction of emptying the pots and paring down before winter. Part of me longs to see if I can save every single plant but in general I’m happy to goodbye to the common ones. It’s a relief not have to tend them all through the dark months.

Wow - I loved the look of the purple heart roots when I emptied this pot. All of the root hairs were so visible and beautiful!

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