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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – October 30

When I look back over my previous years of blog entries I see that it’s typical for us to have a hard frost around the 28th of October. Usually I have all the plants indoors by now, but this year I’ve pushed the limits just a tad. Nighttime temperatures have been falling into the upper thirties, however, and tonight the skies are supposed to be clear, so over the past two days my husband and I scrambled to bring plants inside.

As we were doing so, I couldn’t help but be struck by the light pouring across the garden. The sun is lower in the sky and it backlights all of the annuals so beautifully. I try to inhale their beauty because I know that we are close to the end of their season.

This is what living in an area with distinct growing seasons does, I thought as I looked at the dahlias and cannas. It calls on us to cherish the life and color while we have it.

Frankly, we are all living with limited growing seasons no matter which climate surrounds us. We will only be this age once. We only have this particular day for twenty-four hours. Whether we’re in the tropics or northern Canada, life is calling us to cherish it all, moment by moment, season by season.

The plants come into the guest room. I just bought plastic "boot trays" to put on the table so that more pots can be crowded in.

The low sun through the flowers and foliage make my heart sing. I try to totally drink it in, knowing that tomorrow much of it will be gone.

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