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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – November 17

I have a constantly changing slideshow of garden photos as my computer desktop and screensaver, and occasionally one of these photos catches my attention. This evening the shot of the lights on lakeside trees stuck me and I started thinking about how we frame views.

In this case the trees create an entry to the lakeshore. We put up these lights for Jesse and Maya’s wedding and I occasionally turn them on just to appreciate how they transform the scene. Tiny white lights always make magic in the landscape, and when used to accentuate or suggest an entrance or a frame they’re especially effective.

An entry is a way in. A frame is an enclosure or outline. Both present and enhance a particular space and what lies beyond. Look at this with new eyes, the lights say. See the magic that was here all along?

An effective frame supplements and expands what is already there without drawing too much attention to itself. Lights, arbors, twig arches or other manmade constructions can create an entirely new perspective in the landscape. They can be permanent structures or temporary creations.

As the season reduces many gardens to bare bones, it’s time to stand back and see anew the beauty that is already there. Look for ways to that create a touch of art and enchantment that will frame nature’s allure.


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