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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 13

Too Many Tiny Elements

The second thing I dislike about some landscapes is a scattering of lots of small things. Small plants, small ornaments, and small house components. All of this tiny stuff blends together to form a busy background of little noise. The problem with such landscapes is that there is no where for the eye to rest…there is no focal point. A pleasing garden contains plants and objects that contract in size, shape and texture. Some large leaf plants with others that have small foliage, for example. A large ornament in one spot might be offset with a grouping of smaller objects in another location. Any pleasing composition is usually made from elements that contract and compliment each other. Large and small, repeating shapes or colors, and spaces between major components.

In our gardens and in life, variety is where it’s at.

What not to do: small shingles on the roof, small rocks on the siding, small plants, small edging and small ornaments. The same, the same, the same, the same...

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