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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 11

As I prepare to give a talk for the Rhode Island Nursery & Landscape Association, I’m once again thinking about how for too long the green industry has focused on ease. Yes, I’m coming back to this again.

Tonight’s focus is on how we’ve all be talking about low-maintenance instead of meaning. Everyone including myself might be saying that we want life to be easier, but if you look at what we humans actually choose to do, it’s clear that what we desire is a life that has meaning.

Most people work, be it at a job where they are paid or on their own in a way that supports their daily needs. That work isn’t easy, but it is meaningful. People choose to get married or live in a long-term relationship. They aren’t called a “significant other” for nothing…such connections are important.

Many choose to have children and any parent will be quick to tell you that raising kids isn’t easy. But the majority of those who nurture children will tell you that it is vital, meaningful work.

Coming back to the garden, I want to stress that all the effort we put into creating a beautiful environment is as profound as any other relationship that we have. Nurturing a landscape is as consequential as maintaining a job, fostering a relationship and rearing children. And it’s just as rewarding.

Looking back on relationships - be it with a workplace, spouse, child, or garden, most see the rewards not the effort.

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