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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 7

This is a demonstration of everything being connected to everything else. They say that with the internet there are less than six degrees of separation, and that means that you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who would like a copy of my latest book.

I’m looking for someone who’s thinking of getting married in a garden. It could be the bride, groom, the mother of the bride or groom, or another person in the wedding party. Please spread the word, like dandelion seeds in the wind. I have copies of A Garden Wedding to give away to the first ten people who contact me with the date and location of their garden wedding.

This book isn’t about choosing your clothing for the big day or picking the flavor of the cake. This book guides you through the process of preparing the landscape for the wedding or rehearsal dinner. So…who do you know who might find this useful?  Have them comment on this post or send me an email, and I’ll send them a copy of the book.

There is a chapter for those who want to grow and arrange their own flowers for the wedding, but otherwise this book is about preparing the garden where the big events will take place.

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