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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 16

It’s that time of year again and I’m hear to say that if there’s a flower show within driving distance, you should go. You should go for a dose of spring, of course. Flower shows remind us that blossoms and color are just around the corner. Beyond that flower-fix, however, is a creative jump start for us all. No, it’s not that you’re going to see examples of real gardens. These displays are closer to stage sets than they are to actual landscapes. You will, however, be surprised and delighted. Your thinking will be expanded. Go, enjoy, and celebrate the imaginative spirit.

This display at the Rhode Island Flower Show reminded me that peeling paint and gardens naturally go together. Good news for those of us who don't get to garden shed maintenance that often.

I loved the wild nature of this arrangement. It tells me not to be afraid to let plants fall willy-nilly, in the garden or in a vase.

I've seen several garden show displays that use circles and spirals. How might I use this form in the garden this year? A spiral annual bed? In the veggie garden? Just for fun.

And speaking of FUN - this set was spotted in Chicago a couple of years ago. Love the musical and love what this group did with the theme. I want this plant on my porch this summer!

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