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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 29th

I’d hoped for a true “leap day” but got dusted instead. The morning began with an inspiring post from Seth Godin, and ended with a smattering of snow. From hope and intent to…well, dealing with what is. There were dead-end roadblocks in between, projects that stalled, work that didn’t get done, and little that made me feel like leaping.

If I have to be honest, some things were accomplished. I know that on most days we can look out into our gardens and focus on the few plants that aren’t doing well, or the abundance of those that thrive. Granted, some that are growing gangbusters are weeds, but life is life and growth is growth, right?  On a daily basis we’re all called to choose where to we will place our attention and efforts. Growth or stagnation?

A dusting is a light coating. It doesn’t smother growth or cause great disasters.  It’s possible, I tell my leap-hoping heart, to accept life’s sprinkling, shifting layers and still move forward.

Dustings don't obliterate the landscape, but show off light and shadow in new ways.

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