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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 5

I noticed that the first crocus are in bloom today. They are always a welcome sight but especially so today. My mother-in-law, Maria Fornari, died yesterday so we are feeling all the grief and poignancy that such a loss brings. Gardeners, of course, are well schooled in the circle of life. Not that this makes loss any easier, but we’re certainly familiar with embracing birth, growth, decline and death.

Maria, who was “Misa” to her family and friends, was a passionate woman who lived a rich, full life filled with all of the challenges and blessings that this world presents and then some.

Misa wasn't a gardener although she did appreciate flowers. We took her to see the Rhododendrons at Heritage Museums and Gardens a couple of years ago, and she loved them.

My mother-in-law was such an involved and attentive grandmother, even as her grandsons became adults.

And I can't think about Nonna without thinking about the importance of food, and making a great meal for and with your family.


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