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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 8


I have two boxwoods on either side of the steps to my front door and they many not have been the best choice for this location. The shrub nearest the driveway gets piled with snow when the plow comes in. The other can get smashed with ice and snow when it slides off the roof or is tossed from the snow shovel. Both are in direct sunlight, so they get some winter sunburn.

What was I thinking?

This year I put bamboo cloches over these shrubs to shield them from the winter sun and protect from the weight of the snow. This is the most attractive protection you can get, I think. But a recent dinner guest asked, “When are you going to let that poor bush out of its cage?”

In the coming season it’s on my list to consider a better evergreen for this location. Free range shrubs. I’m on it.

They offer some winter shade and are sturdy enough to stand up to heavy snow. Unfortunately, my plants are in prison. 🙁


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