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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 6

One could make an argument that given how tied in we are to the internet, people are doing more comparing than ever before. Google searches for “The best xyz” or “Xyz’s compared” are commonplace. Many websites offer the option to read reviews of their products, so we can easily find out how others compare and evaluate products or services. This is all very useful, but does it in some way make us forget to appreciate things based on their own merits at the time?  I’m likely to dismiss the value of my first cell phone if I compare it to my current smart phone. Yet wasn’t it almost a miracle when I got a flat tire some eight years ago and after a moment of despair realized that I had a telephone in my car and could call for help?

Comparisons were on my mind when I went through the garden photos I took today. Here’s how the front garden looks on this sixth of April.

I know from experience that when I scroll through my photos looking for a beautiful picture of this garden, I won’t stop for even a second on such an early April shot. Right now, today, the sight of these bulbs and perennials lifts my spirits no end. In comparison to how this garden will look in July, however…well, let’s just say that July’s abundance will leave April’s pictures in the archives.

The reminder here is to treasure each moment, and all that it brings us, fully, completely, without the need for comparisons.

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