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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 22

Driving from the Cape to NYC yesterday was like traveling two to three weeks into the future in a four-hour drive. In southern Massachusetts the trees are just breaking dormancy, and the first-to-bloom shrubs are still vibrant. Yellow forsythias and purple PJM Rhododendrons draw the eye while the trees mostly contain just a light blush of foliage color.

Further south, the leaves were out on the trees, the now forsythia green not yellow, and the second round of spring flowers in bloom. I saw a huge lilac hedge filled with purple blossoms as we drove through Westchester.

A friend of mine walked the Appalachian trail from south to north, following spring in the opposite direction. No matter which way you experience this transformation, there is something pleasing about realizing that this unfolding is not just happening in our own gardens. The same progression is rolling from south to north, a dance of renewal that happens every spring.

It’s nice to be a part of something so large, dependable, and universally appreciated.

Not a great photo but given that it was taken out the car window at 55 mph, not so bad. And no, I wasn't driving while shooting this picture.

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