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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 24

Whenever I speak to a conference where there are feedback forms to be filled out, I usually ask to receive the results. Although most attendees tend to fill these reviews out in the most general terms, some get more specific, and this is useful information for the presenter.

Of course I have a tendency to ignore the 258 rave reviews and the 89 helpfully critical comments. No, I tend to remember the one person who said, “Meh.” Note to self: snap out of it.

My spring garden is exploding with life. Most of the plants are of my choosing, but some are self-seeded and others are weeds. Tonight I took my camera into the garden determined to focus on the setting sun and how it illuminated emerging perennials and bulbs. I reminded myself to feel the energy and put my attention on the miracle of renewal and accomplishment.

In life we’re always presented with opportunities to see the weeds, concentrate on the shadows, or to focus on whole with emphasis on the light. I want the latter.

There are weeds in this garden, not to mention a couple of plants that are less-than-triving. But where does the evening light fall? On the plants that warm my heart. No, we should not ignore life's weeds, for then they take over. There is a way, however, to illuminate the positive while making those improvements that are necessary.

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