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Oh Dandelion, I watch you grow
And wonder why we hate you so
Your cheerful yellow flowers sing
In celebration, “See? It’s spring!”

You’re very hardy there’s no doubt
You grow in cold or wet or drought
Yet most will hate you in the lawn
And so the battle lines are drawn

People snub and turn up noses
If Taraxacum invades the roses
And turf that’s filled with flowers bright
Make neighbors shudder at such blight

So out come tools and toxic spraying
No cost is spared in dandy-slaying
And still this plant will find a way
To grow and bloom another day

Dear dandelion I offer rhyme
To humble plants whose only crime
Is to be willing and omnipresent
Despite the poisons, most unpleasant

Kids have the wisdom to appraise
Your flowers good for small bouquets
And even if it’s viewed as treason
I’m with them in dandy-season

Garden Reports and Rejoicing - April 27


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