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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 30

On Saturday I planted over 150 perennials. In the past two weeks I’ve gotten treasures from Digging Dog Nursery, Avant Gardens, Plant Delights Nursery, Skagit Gardens, Forest Farm, Bluestone Perennials and Munchkin Nursery delivered to my door…my cup runneth over. So Saturday was planting day, and with the help of my CobraHead Cultivator I got about half of the perennials in the ground.

I also did some writing and finished a few Photoshop pieces including the Deer post below. That graphic prompted one of my blog readers to notice that I’d done something similar on April 19th, and he wondered if this was a new direction for Whole Life Gardening.

Not a new direction, I replied, but just another place to plant.

Life is like a garden: it’s never finished and always filled with opportunities for growth and change. Something new catches our eyes, or we notice a previously unseen space that could use a transformation, and we’re off and planting.

I believe that each and every individual has the ability to make positive contributions and such openings are constantly available to us. All we have to do is keep our eyes open and be available for the myriad of possibilities.

We can start each morning asking, “Where do I want to plant today?”

Each plant develops according to its nature, but no matter its size, form or speed, growth happens.


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