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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 2

On this second day of Gifts From The Garden Month I’m thinking about one of the biggest ways we benefit from gardens and gardening. Most of us don’t work the land in order to raise food for the winter. In fact, the majority of people are inside for more time than they are out of doors. More comfortable in cold or rainy weather, certainly, yet we all lose a great deal from this arrangement.

Gardens allow us to reconnect with nature. In fact, I suggest that in order to garden successfully, joining with the natural world is pretty much a necessity. It’s also extremely entertaining and informative.

Gardening asks us to keep our eyes and minds open. If that’s not a gift, I don’t know what is.

The Dog wants to be outside all day. He drags his paws when we call him in, suddenly finding spots that must be sniffed or itches that demand scratching...anything to avoid coming indoors. He's probably on to something.

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