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Yesterday the garden center got a shipment of herbs. In one tray a lemon basil plant had been pulled out, the dirt packed and smoothed into a bowl, and the beginnings of a nest constructed. The arrival of this tray prompted, of course, many comments about whether such a tray of plants should cost extra or less. We wondered, of course, why those loading the grower’s truck didn’t notice that a robin was trying to bed down in those plants. But everyone who looked at that tray of lemon basil smiled or laughed. We loved the element surprise, especially when it’s something as delightful as a nest in unexpected places.

The garden provides so many opportunities for wonder it prompts me to remind people that they can grow delight. A smile? You Can Grow That!

Later tonight I’ll post links to the other Garden Bloggers who are writing You Can Grow That! posts today.

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