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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 16

I took the camera into the garden yesterday and spent quite a bit of time finding the right angle, distance and composition for the shots I took. Many plants are coming into flower or are spilling over with the vitality of spring growth. The air almost crackles with this life force, and most of the colors look like someone has run the entire landscape through Photoshop’s Image-Adjustment-Vibrance-Saturation tool. Among the perfectly showy flowers and electric green foliage, however, some quieter, common scenes draw my attention. Those utilitarian places like the garden shed and the bench outside my kitchen door attract my eye.

They are not the most colorful or tended parts of the yard. There are weeds in the bricks, dried leaves stuck in odd corners, and the mishmash of the growing season everywhere. There is something satisfying about these spaces. They are just as pleasing to me as the flowers and tended spaces.

Houseplants have been sent to summer camp, herbs and annuals await planting, and the tools clearly feel valued and important. Even the hose manages to look attractive...

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