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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 30

That’s the question. With the recent warm weather the peonies are popping. I could cut a dozen fragrant bouquets, and in fact, have already gathered half that many and filled vases that perfume the house. But I’m always a bit torn. Do I cut as many flowers as possible or do I leave them so I can enjoy their presence in the garden?

Tonight I decided that this is an unnecessary dilemma. Whether these blossoms grace the garden or a vase indoors probably doesn’t matter. The important thing is that they are savored.

If I deadhead these flowers as they go by the many side buds will open and extend the period of bloom. If I cut them, I cut the main flower and those buds as well. (As you may have guessed, I'm not in the camp of gardeners who takes the side buds off in order to have larger flowers. I want MORE peonies, not bigger blooms.)


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