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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 1

We humans find it tempting to think in absolutes. People enjoy speaking as if all their opinions are truths. And this embracing of cherished opinions isn’t confined to politics. Black and white thinking can be found in sentiments about food, clothing, and yes, the garden.

Today one of my customers said, “There’s no true blue flower. There are just various shades of purple.” And although she was looking at a plant with flowers that proved her point, I had to shake my head with disagreement.

Salvia patens and Lithodora diffusa ‘Grace Ward’ are just two plants that prove her wrong. There are some flowers that true blue, even if they are the exception and not the norm.

I love the color blue in the garden and one way I have decided to add this hue into my landscape is with containers. The rich, deep blues on glazed ceramic pots combines so well with green foliage and multicolored blooms.

After today, however, these blue containers and the garden flowers that echo their hues will also remind me to remember this: There’s a profound difference between rare and nonexistent.

Although the flowers on Lithodora 'Grace Ward' are small, they catch the eye because they are blue, blue, blue.

Blue pots on the porch. I have a couple more to add...


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