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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 8

Many of my clients want perennials because they mistakenly believe that these plants are less work than annuals. Gardeners know that some perennials take more involvement than annuals, and that a perennial garden takes thought. Gardeners also know that growing perennials is worth all the effort and attention required.

As I sat on my deck looking at my lakeside garden this evening I realized that one of the pleasures of perennials is the annual rediscovery of these plants. They become good friends who are welcomed back with joy after an extended time away. There is a feeling of rediscovery every spring and summer as treasured varieties return.

For those of you who delight in perennial plants, I hope you’ll come to the Perennial Plant Association’s meeting this July in Boston. There is a one-day program that focuses on design, and a professional symposium in the days that follow. Download the pdf flyer for the one-day program only, or click on this link for the information about the total event. I hope to see you there!

Gazing over the peonies, day lilies, hakon grass and heucheras gives me so much pleasure every year. That's the reason to plant perennials!


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