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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – June 13

I went into the entry garden on Sunday morning and caught movement in my peripheral vision. It was a very long garter snake, moving off of the slate path. About twenty minutes later I spotted this same snake, waiting just two feet away from the slate. It was clear that it was this animal’s habit to warm up on this rock in the morning, and I was disturbing his routine.

Since I’m not in the garden every day I tend to forget that it has a life of its own. The plants, insects and critters that live at Poison Ivy Acres all have their own habits and daily routes. They enjoy this landscape more often than I, especially at this time of year.

This is important because it reminds me not to be too possessive about my garden. I am but one of the creatures that gets pleasure from what goes on here.

The stone pavers in this garden absorb sun and now that the plants are growing up in this area a snake has a sheltered place to sun himself. Even while I took this photo later in the day birds flew into the birdbath one at a time, first the catbird, later the finches. They all have their daily routines as surely as I do.


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