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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – July 10

It is mid-summer and the weather is hot. No matter, I’m still planting. Some early-flowering perennials have been cut to the ground now that their flowers have faded. Given this treatment most of these plants will grow new foliage that is smaller and so the plants will remain attractive for the rest of the summer. Others will re-bloom. In most situations this creates open space where annuals can be planted that will provide color well into the fall.

I’ve also planted several perennials recently. Perennials planted in the heat of mid-summer must be watered regularly since their root systems are the size of the pot. Other than that, there is no downside to mid-summer planting. In fact, I’ve found that plants put in the ground in the summer have a longer period of time to establish root systems and so are better able to make it through the winter in good shape.

In gardens, relationships or at work there might often be a “best time to plant,” but if we miss those windows that doesn’t mean that it’s too late. The best time to plant is when you are able to do so.

I put this Volcano Phlox in the fragrance garden a week ago.

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