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for the job may not be a vine at all.

Garden Reports and Rejoicing – July 20th

“What vine do you have growing on your shed?” visitors ask. “That’s not a vine,” I reply, “it’s a blackberry.” We are growing the Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry on the west side of the shed, but the fifteen-to-twenty foot long canes wrap around the north roof line as well. This plant is attractive, vigorous and shade-tolerant. It makes a great plant for trellises and small arbors, and the berries are large and delicious, not to mention as attractive as any flower.

When we have a structure to cover people immediately start thinking of vines. In this automatic move to one type of plant, we have inadvertently limited our choices unnecessarily. How often in life do we reduce our options quickly, without realizing we’re doing so?

A fringe of jewel-like berries hang down from these blackberry vines.

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