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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – August 17

We planted lemon cucumbers this year and every seed germinated. The vines quickly scrambled to cover the fencing where the fading sugar-snap peas willingly surrendered the space. A promising summer crop.

So far these plants are still promising. Promises, promises. All talk and no action. The vines are six feet plus and have been filled with flowers for the past three weeks, but we’ve only picked one cucumber. One.

I find myself wishing that the blossoms were as large as those on the summer squash. We could stuff them, bread them and fry them.

Reminding myself that there might be cukes to come, we spray the vines with Actinovate to discourage mildew and crush the cucumber beetles we see. We appreciate the plants’ willingness and vigor. We try not to grumble.

Summer is the season of abundance. As in other areas of life the richness is multi-faceted. We may have a wealth of fruit or a profusion of foliage. It is a time to appreciate the fullness of it all.

The vines are reaching through the fence to embrace the Cannas...

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